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The "ORTOFRUTTA DE MARTINO di Capocchiano Giovanni & C. srl, is a company that in addition to producing vegetables, packages them and sells them.
Corporate form and limited liability Administrator in the person of Mr. GIOVANNI CAPOCCHIANO who has considerable experience in the field.
The other members, young, from 22 to 20 years collaboration to bringing fresh energy, competent, and above all passion.

The company is located in Zapponeta in the province of Foggia, on the Adriatic coast not far from the National Park of Gargano.
The factory is located in the countryside and is equipped with all the instruments to provide guests with ever more numerous, a high quality product and packaged according to market needs and therefore the consumer.
It has cold storage, modern production lines, large yard surrounding islands with trees and flowers to catering employees during work breaks and free time.


The very mild climate conditions and the nature of the land for the production of fruit and vegetables make the same excellent quality.
Zapponeta, famous for potatoes, onions and carrots in particular, but also cucumber, melons and other vegetables, is emerging on the national and EU as a production area of tomato red along "type s.marzano" and 'asparagus.
Our company, as well as produce, sell these products after careful selection and packaging of the same.
We also produce vegetables in protected environment.


L 'company is certified UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 in order to ensure consumers a quality product which meets the European regulations on agro-food industry.
We can say, therefore, that our products are safe, quality products in Italy tested, processed in certified and controlled environment.
In the year 2008 were made of the enlargement of the structure of packaging machinery for the sole purpose to get the latest generation: the consumer, for us is not 'THE ONE WHO SPENDS BUT HE WHO MUST KNOW "WHAT EAT"


The markets, in addition to G.D.O. are: Milan, Verona, Treviso, Padua, Florence, Switzerland, France, Denmark, England and Germany.


It also makes use of the collaboration of technicians: Agronomist, food technology, etc..

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